Trolls and Provocateurs

Caution: don't engage with trolls or provocateurs on social media. Their goal is to get you to quit activism in disgust and frustration or failing that, get you put in jail.

Truth is on the side of the oppressed. Anyone not honestly searching for truth should not be engaged. They will tie you up with endless circular logic.

Activists on social media who are fighting for justice are attacked or engaged by trolls. These trolls are paid for their work, or are looking to get paid. Some attack openly, others are sneaky. Here's how to recognize them.
  • high tweet/follower ratio on twitter (amazingly useful metric)
  • personal attacks to turn you away from discussion and investigation
  • dirty language to disgust and discourage you
  • focus on divisions in the 99%
  • promoting reliance on money, law, celebrities,  instead of mass unity
  • obsession with corporate media coverage
  • saying "I support your cause, but..." (if they really support, it's their cause)
  • always criticizing 99% leadership or persistently negative
  • generalized misanthropy - "all people are greedy," "all politicians are crooks"
  • claiming all the answers are in one document or candidate
  • blaming government for everything
Here are some catch-phrases of trolls. 
  • "Yes, but whatabout ....." -- (whataboutism)
  • "get people out of their cars" -- this puts the blame for autosprawl on the victims, people who drive because they have no other option. 
  • "Prove that this didn't happen" -- calling on you to do the impossible - prove a negative - here is a good example:

Provocateurs, agents, police, black bloc, etc. After they break windows and set fires, the corporate media will trash the rebellion or protest as "violent." Don't even get near these people. You don't have the police password. You will get beaten and locked up.
  • using the word riot" instead of "rebellion."
  • praising vandalism
  • praising looting
  • revolutionary-sounding tweets
Here are some catch-phrases of provocateurs.

"White privilege" -- this was used in the 1960's when the civil rights movement started to become radicalized. The goal is to exacerbate racism and enrage the millions people who consider themselves white and not privileged.

"Antifa" -- stands for anti-fascist, this is to attract angry people for surveillance. Look for these symbols as well.

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